Friday, February 02, 2007

Meet Dane Swan.

Meet Dane Swan.

See Dane run. Run, Dane, run.

See Dane handball. Handball, Dane, handball.

See Dane stretch. Stretch, Dane, stretch.

See Dane smirk while expressing contrition for brawling at Federation Square.
Smirk, Dane, smirk.

See Dane renew his contract at the Collingwood Football Club for three seasons.
Money, Dane, money.

Carn the Pies!!!!


Johnny said...

Muscle Mary shots in Man About Town????

What is becoming of you Richard?


richardwatts said...

I'm in training, emack - seeing as I'm taking over at MCV I decided to re-take Gay.101, in the hope of maybe passing this time! ;-)